Who we are

The Pink Car Wash is a longstanding car wash and valet centre, situated in the lower basement of the well-known Willow Bridge Lifestyle Centre.

It is here where Christo and Ruan Burger, along with their team, are ready to treat your car with the TLC it deserves. We endeavour to take care of it the way you would like it to be done. The Pink Car Wash, named in memory and support of all ladies diagnosed with Breast Cancer, is here for you. Visit us, share your need, and our experienced team will take care of all your requirements to keep your car clean and fresh.

Our Services

Choose from our wide selection of offerings (all prices includes VAT).

Full Valet

Small cars R900
Large cars R995
Combis R1220

  • 100
  • Pre-appointment only. Includes regular valet
    • Water/foam hand wash
    • Engine cavity wash/silicon
    • Carpet valet
    • Extensive inside cleaning
    • Spare wheel & compartment
    • Seat valet or leather treatment
    • Roof lining
    • Hand polish
    • Headlamp renewal
    • Air freshener (optional)
    • Complimentary parking for the day

Regular Valet

Small cars R245
Large cars R270
Combis R330

  • 100
  • Includes Mini Valet
    • Water/foam hand wash
    • Vacuum
    • Windows
    • Trimming & tyre dressing
    • Mags
    • Interior wipe (more intense)
    • Engine wipe & silicon
    • Wheel arches hand washed
    • Silicon treatment (optional)
    • Air freshener (optional)

Mini Valet

Small cars R150
Large cars R180
Combis R240

  • 100
  • Basic inside/outside
    • Water/foam hand wash
    • Vacuum
    • Windows
    • Trimming & tyre dressing
    • Mags
    • Interior wipe
    • Wheel arches sprayed
    • Silicon treatment inside (optional)
    • Air freshener (optional)


Wash & dry exterior from R100

Vacuum & wipe interior from R100

Roof lining from R180

Pre-wash seats & leather care from R200

Carpet valet from R300


Seat valet from R330

Mini valet & polish from R300

Motorbike valet R150 (Includes leather care)

Headlamp renewal from R200

Buffing with polish SQ


Cosmetic clay treatment SQ

Loose mat wash from R25

Spray down of bicycles R20

Dog hair surcharge from R50

Extra soiled vehicles surcharge from R50

Tar removal SQ

Our eco friendly approach

At the Pink Car Wash we understand the importance of the water situation we are experiencing.

We also understand the high value that is placed on your vehicle’s maintenance. This is why we embarked on the road to preserve and save water. The Pink Car Wash is equipped with a water recycling plant, ensuring the used water does not go to waste. By recycling the water we use only a third of the normal amount. The recycled water has no negative impact on the cleanliness of your car. We are eco-friendly, caring for the environment and our precious water resources. We only use high quality approved chemicals at all times.

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